Thursday, March 18, 2010

Save by this process

P. V. Indiresan on Higher Education Bill:

“According to Mr Krishan Khanna, who is doing a study on the education process in India, the country sends abroad over 150,000 students every year for higher education, and, in the process spends $10-$12 billion. That, if true, is a huge amount that deserves to be saved. Foreign universities will probably do so to some extent.

Is that good or bad? Was it good that Professor Ramakrishnan went to the US and then earned a Nobel Prize or was it bad that he was lost to the country? Probably, it was good; if he had remained here our bureaucracy would probably have cut him down to size.

What will they do? I do not know! I fear the worst because, frankly speaking, many of the Ministry's ideas on the functioning and regulation of Indian universities are rather unintelligent.

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