Saturday, March 13, 2010

Let’s not erode the Framework of NATURAL rights of MAN

Everything that is governed by The State is not RIGHT!

In this globalised era of interdependent world of humanity. The one word which is often made as limelight in the public is RIGHT. There is no meaning of asking The State to give or make as RIGHT. As Rohini Nilekan says “..Currently, we are witnessing a march of socio-economic rights. Many rights are already enshrined in our law, the latest being the right to work and the right to information. The right to water is being deliberated. The right to land is being talked about all over again. These have created an exciting climate where people expect rapid social change and shifts in the balance of power.”

But she is right saying : “In the divine din of our democracy, there are many approaches to and many ideologies about justice. The roles of the state, markets, communities and individuals are differently constructed in each philosophy. Yet there is a broad agreement that we need to find better means for the distribution of resources.”

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