Friday, March 12, 2010

Of rats and men

The following text is from ET CHATROOM dated on 10th March, 2010.

Of rats and men

“THIS refers to your edit ‘Mouse Trap’ (ET, Mar 8). Rats will be ahead of us in the man-rat-race. They were there more than 200 million years ago. Their ability and necessity to live underground and their small size, in the age of dinosaurs, saved them from the meteor strike that made the dinosaurs extinct. And it is from these mammals that we, Homo sapiens, evolved. In fact, an elephant has been defined as a rat built to government specifications! Rats in government offices is no surprise —they are only mingling with
their cousins — the bandicoots.

In fact rats are likely to be the only survivors, along with cockroaches, when the next extinction level event takes place. So man (and woman), remember thou were a rat and some still are. Would you like to ‘ratify’ my views? And remember, we human rats, in order to join the rat race, have to pass the CAT exam!”


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