Friday, August 28, 2009

Rani’s Secretes & Lies!

My time spend on last Sunday was probably memorable. I attended the Jaishree Misra’s new book release. It was a great learning and fun in meeting people like her. I never read her novel. She has written five novels including the new one Secretes & Lies. Among them one was biographic kind of story.

The moderator was another writer Ira Pande whose seems to be a liberal in thinking. She ran a quick conversation with Ms. Misra.

Her take on new book:

  • "The book is about four school friends - Anita, Zeba, Bubbles and Sam - whose friendship, forged in a posh Delhi girls' school, spans over 20 years. Intelligent, beautiful and secretive, the four come together for a school reunion to confront a terrible secret that has haunted them all their lives - friend Lily D'Souza's mysterious death on the night of the school prom," Jaishree said.
  • "I am very close to my school friends and try to stay in touch. I enjoyed writing this book. It brought my school days alive. But it is a shade dark - there are at least three deaths in the book which help carry the story forward," said a former BBC journalist, Jaishree.

Misra’s previous book “Rani” was banned in Uttar Pradesh in 2008 for “contained “very objectionable” references towards Laxmibai and must be banned forthwith.

But what did she said both when it was banned and on this book release was “I’m very happy with the ban; it has helped sales,”

Misra also mentioned during her conversation that Laxmibai’s husband was homosexual but history has not recorded it.

The other most interesting thing may be strange or true that’s different. But the fact is that the mobs support for a book ban is folly because everybody is not ready to read the book before supporting or accepting the ban.

Ira Pande also mentioned that this was the kind of response was developed by socialist and communist propagator in India after its political independence that eventually killed many new liberal writers, thinkers, ideas, she said.

This is what happening now with Jaswant Singh’s book "Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence".

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