Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mohandas Gandhi Before India

A new book has been published yet again on Mohandas Gandhi and his role in the world before coming back to India. I have expected for long time this book to come not because of who writes it but because of the kind of material/information used or studied to write the new book.

In my view, it is Mohandas Gandhi whose work helped Mr Guha to shift from hard-core marxist (no capital 'M' please!) and deadly socialist man. As far as the life of Mohandas Gandhi is concerned, Mr.Guha does a great job in the book.

Here are very interesting interviews/excerpts from the new book. I say, interesting because the prevailing time and polity and politics in India makes it more interesting to know things differently and usefully.

Why India needs Gandhi, the champion of downtrodden

Ramachandra Guha on ‘Gandhi Before India’

Gandhi before India

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