Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Few words of Actor Kamal Hassan

I am not a big fan of any one actor nor I am regular movie watching junki! There is something that need to be underlined in this blog as a matter of fact. So far I have posted twice only in this blog exclusively on his words of mouth. I am talking about the veteran actor Kamal Haasan. Here is a third one. Very interesting and powerful words.

I am not a big fan of Frontline magazine wherein Hassan has an interview. The following are a bit from that interview:

  • "The most ridiculous thing we are fighting for now and the government has looked into is the Cinematography Act, which is 57 years old.
  • And even in your publishing industry, you still have to send one copy to the government. How stupid it is. If the government wants to see it, it can see it on the Net. Why should you cut down trees? It is all changing.
  • In today’s Internet-savvy world, pornography is part of everyday life. If Internet search engines have become more and more powerful, it is not due to science… it is due to flesh. Everybody does it secretly once or twice. And the number is exponential when you look at the world population. Of course, there were other factors that made it flourish. But what triggered it was the simple need to watch flesh. It is the oldest profession and nobody will be able to eradicate it. It is now digitised. Not yet legalised.
  • We must treat adults like adults. I am not talking only about sex. I am talking about politics. There should be political freedom. The kind of freedom that was available in Periyar’s time is not there for Kamal Hassan. Even if you are bold, you don’t have freedom. 
  • People think I am a closet communist. The fact is no “ism”—capitalism, socialism or rationalism—is a complete answer to social ills. Everything is work in progress. According to Carl Sagan, the human brain is work in progress. We have to go farther in the evolutionary process. We are not fully evolved in our brain part. I will say something that will shock people. Had Spartacus succeeded, both Mr Christ and Mr Marx would have been rendered redundant. Had his revolution succeeded, the whole point of view of the world would have changed." 

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