Sunday, April 15, 2012

“Without difficulties, life would not be worth living.”

They say "Singh’s legacy was perhaps neither political nor paranoid enough" but the undue "festschrift by prominent academic economists" has already been given bailout. After all, its from economists and not from the people of India which may be the fate of his legacy test in 2014.

The elected politicians along with their associates in NGOs enact a law targeting the schools run by private sector. The very politicians and NGOs are not shamed in improving the standards of public schools run by governments with taxpayers money. In this article Tavleen Singh points out the irrelevance of Supreme Court's recent up holding of RTE. See this news item why dalit students are not studying in state run schools.

India's line of political history thought: "The power of the syndicate was ended by Indira Gandhi in seven years when she split the party and inaugurated the era of personalised centralisation of power. But this experiment failed within eight years in 1977. The Janata was the federal solution but it failed miserably. In the next eight years, the Congress one-person rule was revived but again it collapsed in 1989. Since then we have had fragile coalitions, some surviving the full term but not all."

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