Monday, April 23, 2012

Two men were six feet tall with meticulous mind

It has been a week now with a new book in hand. Unlike previous book on these two men, this one has many many interesting facts about their life and works which is nothing but quite contrasting and that may be the truth for their ideas which is living so long. OK, I am talking about the new book "Keynes Hayek The Clash That Defined Modern Economics" by Nicholas Wapshott.

The book has 18 chapters dividing the life and works of Keynes and Hayek. You don't need to go through all the 18 chapters to judge about the quality of book. I dare say, its enough for to judge after crossing third or forth chapters.   

But I must confess that if you have already read so much about their works and life separately. Well, I am sure that you will find this book some what irritating to read in non-stop.

I better suggest you should read some of the below reviews (also some excerpts) of this book before you buy your copy:

Keynes’ economic theory was more mechanistic, as economies could be manipulated in a machine-like fashion to behave according to the wishes of economic planners. 

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