Friday, November 18, 2011

What I have been reading?

Ever since I came to the availability of original writings (and some other rare book on his life and works) of the great Rajaji in my office library I immediately collected them and took time to read one by one. And its time to share with you!

I was surprised to know two facts which may be least important! One was that in his 94 year life time only once he visited abroad! Secondly, he was never made as president of Indian National Congress!

It is always pleasure to read his works which is original and thought provoking. The following are the books I  read. Some of them I am going to reread.

I meet Rajaji by Monica Felton: This is a great book to know about Rajaji's strong convictions and ethics of life and liberty. This book is also not any usual format which you might think and ignore it. This book contains the conversation about his life and works until he formed the new political party with like minded people.

The Question of English by C.Rajagopalachari

Satyam Eva Jayate (Vol I) by C.Rajagopalachari

Rajaji's books are collection of articles published in different newspapers, journals etc.

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