Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The New Menace of Gandhism by Murray Rothbard

A friend of mine sent me the following excerpts from 1983 essay (PDF) by Professor Murray Rothbard on M K Gandhi:

  • "Gandhi's India, which led t o Mrs. Gandhi's dictatorship and the horrifying experiment in compulsory sterilization" ...... AND ........."The comparative record of non-violent revolutions is, then, worse than that of violent ones, for the violence of the American Revolution after all brought forth a pretty good result, while non-violence has accomplished nothing fruitful at all.
  • ‎"Let us not mince words: Mahatma Gandhi was an economic crazy. For Gandhi , not only modern technology but almost any technology was sinful and evil. Railroads were evil, the industrial revolution was evil, cotton textiles were evil, modern medicine was evil, education was evil."
  • "It should be clear that the life of Mahatma Gandhi was essentially a scam, from start to finish. Making a big show of his allegedly deeply-held principles, claiming t o make his life and thought a seamless web, he always ended up betraying those principles. H e rode on railways, he fell back repeatedly on Western medicine and surgery, and he continued to "test" his chastity with various females until the end of his life".
  • Thus, after the first nationwide  pogrom  against  the  Jews  in Germany,  in December  1938, Gandhi counselled the Jews t o  react in a non- violent  manner:  "if  the  Jews can  summon t o  their aid  soul-power  that   comes only  from  non-violence,  Herr  Hitler  will bow  before  the  courage  which  he  will  own  is  infinitely superior to that shown by  his best storm troopers." And after the news  of the Holocaust  became  known,  Gandhi, in 1946, counselled retroactively. 

  • The  Jews  should have offered themselves to the butcher's knife. They  should  have  thrown  themselves into the sea  from cliffs  . . . It  would have roused  the world  and  the people of  Germany.  (Geoffrey  Ashe, Gandhi: A  Study  in  Revolution,  London,  1968, p.  341.) Perhaps what the Jews lacked  was little Bapu  to  give them their "training."

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