Monday, May 23, 2011

Silly names like politburo or (No)useful ginger group

The communist turned economist Mr.Meghnad Desai writes: 
  • The general-secretary can do no wrong. Nor does he ever resign; in the USSR, purge was the only way out but never resignation.

This is true in case of Mr.Prakash Karat who is a General Secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxist). Under his leadership, he ensured one GOOD thing for our country is to simply sink his party in all the electoral battle contested. Who can do such as nice thing to us!

Mr.Desai further said: 
  • Communist parties do not allow free and open democratic debate about their failings. They use words like ‘rectification’ which ordinary mortals never do. The very word implies its opposite. 
  • The basic problem is an understanding of how capitalism works. Leninism was predicated on the bet that capitalism is in a terminal crisis and will collapse before long. Instead, the Leninist State in the USSR collapsed before capitalism did. The fact that capitalism has its ups and downs, that it fosters inequality and that it creates insecurity, is all true. But the cure is not to wait for its demise even by giving a push but to see how it can be regulated and cured. Each generation has to face the task anew since capitalism is capable of immense innovation and change. Even poor people like the casino aspect of capitalism because that is better than regimented poverty which is what Communism offered them. 
  • The Left in India needs a wide and open debate. They have a lot of sympathisers who can help. I recall that in the 1950s, the Communist party used to be in the vanguard in critiquing old and outdated religious superstitions……..What we have is a repetition of old anti-colonial, anti-imperialistic rhetoric with no new economic thought.
I actually wrote the title of this post as "there is nothing called democratic in communism!".

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