Thursday, May 12, 2011

B.R. Ambedkar, the Republican!!

Mr.Chandrabhan Prasad writes
  • It was at this point that Dr Ambedkar wrote in his manifesto of 1951: “It is a fact that on the day of India’s Independence, all nations were the friends of India...Today, the situation is just the reverse. India has no friends…The change in the situation is the direct result of the foreign policy that our country has followed. Wanting China to be a part of the UN and taking a stand on the Korean War — why should India want to fight China’s battle. This championing the cause of Communist China by India has been responsible for the prevailing antagonism between India and the US. It has become impossible for India to obtain financial and technical aid from America.” (Pg 395-396, Vol. 17, Part One)

  • Dr Ambedkar realised the importance of having the US as a friend 60 years ago. Something that our leaders are thinking of doing today.
  • Dr Ambedkar was so inclined towards the US in 1946, that at one point of time he had wanted India to be named United States of India after Independence. He also named his party — Republican Party of India, inspired by SSA’s Republican Party. But, why was Dr Ambedkar so enamoured the US?

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