Thursday, March 10, 2011

Finally at Mises Institute!!!

I have not able to post any update on this blog for quite some time. The reason is simply that my research paper on liberalism and free banking ideas of Dr. B.R Ambedkar has been selected for the presentation in the Austrian Scholars Conference 2011.

I am now here to present my paper. It was great challenge for me to finally reach the Mises Institute for the Conference. Many great people have helped me in every single thing to make it this trip successful. This is my first visit to United States of America. Indeed, I am greatly thankful to all those who have helped me. I will write in detail about their individual name when I am back from the Conference.


  1. Dear Chandra
    A series of happy news from you. good work, keep it up. India needs a strong libertarian theoretician and you are not far from reaching that stage. I am really happy for you

  2. Look forward to your paper. Very interesting indeed. Would like to publish on my blog.