Thursday, March 24, 2011

A(mbedkar) means D(alit) not C(apitalism)-WHY?


I am unable to post often in this blog (which I loved) due to many responsibility landed on me, my apology for that!!

This is the 10th year living with the word Economics than my life!! I had great opportunity to study the history of Indian economic thought subject during my B A and M. A Degrees (both in Economics) I am thrilled to dig out more than many economic historian did for many their life time!! I have also met many great economists and people.

I am now more inclined to think that most of them did what they thought is right but ended up producing not only  wrong ideas, but very dangerous ideas, some are even doing right now, to whom the Indian society think a big thinker, but the reality seems to be otherwise.

So, what I am trying to convey you is that I will be posting very limited post hereafter. But will write more on what I have read in the past 10 years on various issues for publications by different agencies.

One of them is the Ambedkar’s economics, is there anything like that? Of course what he wrote during his early career as well as during his higher education is the one which I call it as Ambedkar Economics. More essentially, the core principles on which he had worked of course after deep thinking through it.

 What went wrong with his ideas were mostly the people who took or understood wrongly is the long trend continues which have become stone-age myth now, but not that easy to break! But let me try!!

One peculiar things happens with Ambedkar free market economics is that the people who call themselves as follower of Ambedkar actually ended up misusing his writings, mis-quoting etc.

The current situation is such that the movement you say the word Ambedkar, suddenly people will think that he was Dalit icon etc, I have no problem with that. My problem with them is the word Capitalism which he cherished very much but denied saying he did not utter anything!! for hell reasons which is not quite known!!   

My question is let’s repeat the title of this post WHY A(mbedkar) means D(alit) not C(apitalism)

So, thanks for being patient!!! 

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