Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mr.Annadurai, former CM of Tamil Nadu on Human action

"That Capitalizm is the apotheosis of civilisation is the do*** of some. They argue that since Capitalist gives employment to the labourer, he helps society substantially. So a capitalist is not a human parasite but a benefactor and capitalism should not be concerned but ought to be welcomed. Any elementary book on economic will tell us that Land, labour, Capital and Organization are the four agents of production. It is true to say that Capital is as necessaryn for production, as labour is. But the problem is, which of these deserves more consideration. A labourer works hard but the direction comes from the Capitalist. Whether the concern gets profit or not, a labourer gets his annas and never cares for either the prosperity of the Capitalist or the comfort of the consumer. whereas, the Capitalist spends sleepless aights in devising plans, and determining the nature and quantity of the demand that is likely to arise. Failure means to him not only a risk of parting with his capital, but also a good-bye to honour. A failure means an ‘I.P.’ and it is by no means a decent degree. So when through his efforts, the Capitalist gets profit he demands a greater share in it. Or, when the Capitalist is not capable of ‘brainwork’, he hires the services of a ‘D.Com’ and shares the profit with that organiser."

MOSCOW Mob Parade: (This is the first article written by Perarignar Anna, When he was a student of the Panchaiyappa’s College, in 1933, which was published in the College Magazine)

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