Thursday, December 10, 2009

Indian Education Mess (IEM)

In one day, the little boy’s of my land lord asked me What is government? Before I answer that question I asked them what their teachers have taught. Their answer was ‘nothing’. Then I asked what they have read in the Text Book. They have showed me the following text from the book-Social Science- Social and Political Life-1, Chapter-3, page 27:

“What is Government?

Government sought to protect rights of unorganized workers

Govt, fixes price of onions, says no shortage in market

Detailed plan to tackle floods soon, says government

Supreme Court can have five more Judges: Govt.

Govt for revamping coal and power sector

Over 15,000 villages declared scarcity hit by government……”

I am not surprised to see the definition of ‘What is Government?’ in the Text Book of Class VI. Though, this Text Book was prepared by The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT).

They were paused when I said that the definition of government is nothing but to ensure the life, liberty and property of the individual citizen of a country. And its role is to ensure people’s life, liberty and property through the civilized law and order system, morally matured defence system and equal opportunity to everyone. Then I went on to say there is a great amount of danger in government functions in India and elsewhere. Freedom is ruined and property is threatened.

Hope in one day they will realize I meant.

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