Thursday, December 10, 2009

A forgotten national leader!

Today is the 131st birth anniversary of Chakravarthi Rajagopalachari, affectionately called as Rajaji.

A year ago B.R.Haran wrote:

"It is an irony that the Chief Minister, who has been a hardcore adversary of Brahmins and who has been criticising and abusing them till the day before yesterday, has made a u-turn yesterday and said that he was never against Brahmins! Apart from his claims of giving paltry ‘financial’ assistances to Brahmin scholars, can he show a single good thing, which he has done for the Brahmin community in the capacity of Chief Minister during his five terms? When he can introduce the ‘1 kg rice-1 Rupee’ scheme on Anna’s birth anniversary, why couldn’t he introduce ‘prohibition’ on Rajaji’s birth anniversary? If not prohibition, why not a few ‘vocational’ courses in schools?

Similar to the Dravidian parties, the Congress party has also not bothered to celebrate Rajaji’s birth anniversary. The days are not far off for this ‘one-family’ party to forget Gandhi too! If the present day political parties prefer to ignore the leaders of the past, then it will not demean those great leaders, but it means that these parties are only insulting themselves!"

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