Monday, November 24, 2008

Governments are small and money is sound 2108!

It is an excellent musings about the Austrian School of Economics  

S.J. Masty writes "Thanksgiving Friday, 2108 – Will America survive economic meltdown? To find out, we took our time machine 100 years into the future to Auburn, Alabama, home of The Ludwig von Mises Institute and the new national shrine. 

Lew Rockwell founded his institute 126 years ago in 1982. Brought back to life by cloning, he pointed at Friedrich Hayekstruggling to light the barbeque. The Nobel laureate looked surprisingly spry at 209, but that’s science for you. 

In 2042, government-issued money was replaced by Hayek’s idea of competing private currencies. "It ended financial manipulation and crooked tricks by which government spent money it did not have," Rockwell explained".

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