Saturday, August 2, 2014

Swatantra Party and Thiruvalluvar's birthday

Thanks to Seetha for her wonderful article on the case for "The Swatantra Party’s relevance today comes through in Rajaji’s inaugural address to the party, where he warned of the dangers of the state becoming a Leviathan, “menacingly poised against the citizen, interfering with his life at all points...hypnotising the people with slogans that are mistaken for thought and wisdom, a scheme of government in which it is taken for granted that the citizen is ignorant of what is his own interest”. 

Thanks to the great imprinting voice by Shri.Tarun Vijay, who spoke in the upper of the Indian Parliament about the need for learning of southern and other regions languages by northern Indians. The following are from his speech in the parliament on 31st July, 2014:

"The glorious history of all Indian languages is unique and supremely great. We must work to develop feelings of appreciation and respect for each other.

In this regard it is necessary that people from North India be encouraged to learn any one Southern language through a free choice option.

For example the incomparable golden heritage that we have in the form of Tamil should make every Indian proud.

Tolkappiam, ,app 5000 years old. And on a broad spectrum Silappadigaram, Chintamani, Manimekalai, Valayapathi and Gundalakesi are great classics of Tamil literature.

The onus of the greatest classic in Tamizh literature undoubtedly goes to Kambar's Ramayana, the epic poem

One of the greatest works in Tamizh, which is widely preached even to this day, is Tiruvalluvar's Tirukkural .

Its imprints are found in various parts of the globe. How many of us know about the global influence and public services of great emperors likeCheraChola, and Pandya kings ? Only Ashoka and Vikramaditya are not India, unless we have an all encompassing respect for Cholas, Krishnadev Rayas and Pandyas also. Similarly we have great history of Bangla, Malayalam, Telugu and other languages.

I demand observing Thiruvalluvar's birthday as Glorious Indian Languages Day in all parts of the country symbolising respect for all Indian languages and introducing Tamil also in North Indian schools as an optional subject for strengthening national unity. Mr Tarun Vijay ended his special mention with Palamaiyana Tamil Mozhiyar Vananguhiren."

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