Sunday, April 13, 2014

Its ALL about elections in India

The election time is here and running up quiet fast. Bad time to read good things about anything under the sun. Everybody lies about anything but future of polity and politics. The citizen is once again fooled by all kinds of promises about material and non-material things in society. Not matter, its all about groups in which you favour.

Big storms are here and there for all kinds of political reasons. Here are some strange readings about India and its economy-policy, polity and people.

I have waited long to read Dr.Sanjay Baru's book on Manmohan Singh. Here are first excerpts from the book. Its must read for all Indians.

Amit Verma writes about Indian polity and politics over election fever.
  • "There are two factors that shape politics in India. One is the nature and structure of government. Ours is far more powerful than it should be, with an excess of discretionary power over the common man. We are worse off under our government, regardless of which party is in charge, than we were under the British. Our government is effectively set up not to serve us, but to rule us — and to extract hafta. Think of political parties as rival mafia gangs fighting for the right to loot us for five years."
Shanu has good piece in the DNA on Sanjay Baru's book on Prime Minister Singh.

Whatever you say wrong about Gujarat. It is the top state with higher level of economic freedom which means more chances to produce wealth and prosperity for the people.

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