Saturday, September 21, 2013

Crude political process in EMERGING NEW INDIA

This is a high time to utter a few thoughts long lingering on my head. Any political process is strictly crude if one is not democratic in his or her approach to it. Any democratic process of politics is no less comprehensive, in its nature. At best we may agree with one or disagree with other. But let's have in place, first.

I first realized the crude process of politics when I was in high school. I have also watched the crudeness of panchayat's election in the south Indian villages in India. I have participated in the election rallies run upto the 1996 Lok Sabha general election. The MDMK party in Tamil Nadu was major emerging party at least in my district (Villupuram). I still remember how vividly Mr. Vaiko spoke in the election rallies. Cut short. the blame game was rampant among political parties on all ills done by the ruling party both at the Central level as well as at the State level.

There is no end to it even now in 2013-the crude blame game among different groups especially the cult learned community perpetuates! A slice of it play even more to gain short term vested interest.The so called educated lusty adult do very stupid things like the one done by Amartya Sen, Amitav Ghosh and Ananthamurthy, recently.  I completely agree with Dhiraj Nayyar who raised very pertinent point that why these people decline to say who is the alternative to Mr.Modi. Probably, there is none! But why they dare say anything against Mr. Modi and why not others for all the good as well as bad things. I understand these people's internal feelings are no doubt misconceived by all means against the only person they are apposing. 

I am not arguing for any one person who would be elected by the people of this country. Let's have the fair process of politics to come together and argue with truths. Truth alone matter to engage in true spirit of political process to improve the lives of individuals in the country.

If we do not have the other alternative to argue, its like beating the snake before it scares us or bite.

Just that for now.

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There is very interesting change emerging in the new India. This is to educate the individuals engaging in the political process to run the office. The Takshashila Institution plans to train political workers on civics. This is a good initiative. We need to educate the political workers who aspire to run the governmental job from political process. 

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