Saturday, January 19, 2013

I Agree with Mr Prakash Ambedkar!

Contrary to the views expressed by others I wholeheartedly agree with B R Ambedkar's grand son Mr Prakash Ambedkar's views. The following are his views on the inclusion of caste column in the school admission etc.

  • “Caste bias is ingrained in minds the day a child enters school. The child at an early age is made to believe he/she has a separate identity. When parents seek admission to schools for children, they have to fill the form which has a column on caste.”
  • “The caste column labels the child as a Scheduled Caste, Schedule Tribe, other Backward Caste (OBC) or Brahmin. The school itself is the stage for caste bias that continues as one enters college and then the workplace.”
  • “I am not against social and economic welfare of Dalits and the poor. On the contrary, all of us should push for more affirmative action to strength the system to address concerns of Dalits in education, and jobs.”

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