Friday, November 16, 2012

Media folly of all kinds

Prof Kishwar has done a great job in profoundly analyzing the facts about Gujarat's Chief Minister Modi's recent speech in the State of Himachal Pradesh. It is worth to ponder over the below paras.

  • "If Modi’s concern for reducing women’s drudgery is genuine, if he has actually delivered piped gas to seven lakh rural households and intends to cover all the rest, if every household in rural Gujarat is getting round the clock power supply, his frivolous remark against Sunanda Tharoor is not enough to damn him for being anti-women. Mere lip sympathy for women won’t do. I prefer politicians who care for women’s well-being in concrete ways.
  • No politician dare marginalise the life concerns of the mass of our women as systematically as large sections of our media do, with their disproportionate attention to glamour dolls, film stars and the doings of the fashionable elite. It is easier to call monstrous politicians to account than media monsters."

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