Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thankless Polity

Indian economists especially the one who is leaning towards Congress by default don't tell us their heartless-gut-feelings. However, here is one such good belief:

From Professor Arvind Panagariya interview:
  • … even the minority governments of IK Gujral and HD Deve Gowda were much better than the UPA. So this whole idea that coalition doesn’t let you do reforms is an eyewash. The larger problem is sitting within the Congress party. A lot of the Congress men don’t want reforms. Congress leadership today is extremely sceptical of reforms. And of course their coalition is extremely mismanaged.
  • …even the BJP did not do the nation a service by forcing Sonia Gandhi to appoint Manmohan Singh as the PM.                                              

Excerpts from Gurcharan Das’s latest book titled IndiaGrows at Night: A Liberal Case for Strong State.
  • Merchants and bazaars, however, emerged even earlier as centres of exchange in the towns of the Indus Valley (3300–1500 BCE) or even in the Neolithic age, soon after Indians first engaged in agriculture and there was a surplus. As Jean-Jacques Rousseau has taught us, inequality also had its origins with the birth of agriculture because with it was born private property.
Tavleen Singh point out that the:
  • "..truth about the incalculable losses made in our socialist decades by a public sector that almost never made a profit."

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