Sunday, August 5, 2012

RSS: Shah, Singh and Rangeela

Aakar has narrated a wonderful story about the fall Indian one party power rule. His conclusion is not entirely new discovery but is extremely sum's up the present state of society and governments at State and Central level in India. 

  • "The position of Manmohan Singh is almost the same as that of Muhammad Shah, who called himself Rangeela—the colourful.
  • Not all of Rangeela’s rule was bad, and this was the positive aspect I referred to earlier. His patronage gave us Sadarang, composer of many popular Hindustani bandishes (Bhimsen Joshi said when he forgot theantara’s lyric in a song, he would wail “Sadarang!” to fill space).
  • Ending his four-volume Fall of the Mughal Empire, Sarkar stepped back to assess what he had studied for six decades.
  • “Corruption, inefficiency and treachery disgraced all branches of the public service. In the midst of this decay and confusion, our literature, art and even true religion had perished.”
  • The 86-year-old scholar concluded that our condition is the result of “the rottenness at the core of the Indian society”.

It is worth to spend your time to ready the full article from here.

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