Friday, August 5, 2011

Do not worry about social problems beyond a tipping point!

In my age group, I find, there is too much sympathy towards social causes in India. When they actually go for doing something with that, they simply get lost! Why? Normally they don’t have simple empathy towards any particular causes or any understanding of it. Their intention is well understandable, but their actions are questionable on many ways. The basis is how they think about the social problems and of course the people involved in it.

Indian born reputed economist Avinash Dixit once wrote advising young chaps who aspire to be an economist that :  “Don't give too much weight to the social importance of the issue; instead, do what captures your intellectual interest and creative imagination.”

Salil Tripathi writes in Mint:

These defeats aren’t a national catastrophe. If Indians want to get angry about something, here’s a little list to get them started, and it is by no means complete. Trains that crash or get derailed, killing passengers. Politicians who take bribes. Leaders unrepentant about hundreds of deaths in riots under their watch. Rural schools that lack blackboards, chalks and teachers who fail to turn up at schools, but give private tuitions to the children of those who can afford to pay them. Public hospitals that fail to provide healthcare to the poor. Food thatrots in central warehouses. Police officers who think nothing of custodial deaths and cannot provide a coherent explanation about what happened. And the enduring shame of women not being able to walk freely on Indian streets, without fear, without being leered at, harassed or molested.

Add to that here is the Indian roads pothole numbers view.

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