Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome 2014!!

Ramachandra Guha writes:

“The Republic of India is bleeding, from a thousand little cuts and a dozen larger ones. There is continuing discontent in the Kashmir Valley, and even greater discontent in Manipur. The talks with the Naga rebels are going nowhere. The Maoist insurgency in central India has assumed dangerous proportions. The agrarian distress in the peninsular states shows no signs of abating. Linguistic chauvinism episodically raises its head in India’s urbs prima, Mumbai.

Many of these conflicts have their roots in the uneven and inequitous pattern of economic development in India. Meanwhile, prospects for more inclusive growth are threatened by gross corruption at all levels of government, from the lowly tehsildar right up to the Union minister. Economic and social well-being are also undermined by the shocking state of government schools, universities, and hospitals.”

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