Thursday, April 29, 2010

Change is needed in ‘socialist mindset’

A bureaucratic understanding of the recent financial is presented in this article:

The below is a sample:

  • A large part of the world has witnessed, in the last few years, a mindset which has emphasised “self” interest and glorification of the self even at the expense of social or community well-being. This has been based on a kind of blind faith in the philosophy and thinking promoted by intellectuals of the kind of Ayn Rand and others. There has been a disproportionate emphasis on individual self and personal freedom which, therefore, has, as a natural outcome, led to a society epitomising those very same values, which ultimately manifest in a culture of greed and blatant selfishness, regardless of all else. The consequences of such a mindset are now being witnessed.
  • Firstly, there is a need for a change in societal “mindset”, away from one promoting greed and blatant selfishness, and towards one based on respect for community and larger whole. This is not an impossibility. It only requires a conscious promotion of the values of selflessness and sacrifice.

What we need is the change in ‘socialist mindset’ not “societal mindset” as they call it.

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