Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Knowledge is doomed to unfit

The State makes sense of regulation in time to time in a “Vague” way and it never know how much knowledge it has to make decision upon millions of individuals. In the process of decision making or policy making they completely lose (even if one society has wide consultations with respective stakeholders!) the humanity role in it. Invariable it has been that their aim is to achieve their own personal goals.

For a while the judiciary system were also sleeping on the forehead of The State’s regulation on the same polices for years. Though, there are movements in the society and we see it in every day life, so what, that is what people ask in every election after election.

The present education system is another awful system which makes muggy of human life, no mater whether one has entered the four wall of the class room or not.

Here are some cases:

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