Thursday, November 5, 2009

An awakened, empowered people would become creative and transform the world

That is the last line of an article published in the ET today by T K Arun. By and large the article is a marathon towards creating a new ministry called “The ministry of development”.

Let the critic take their bite on ‘if’ and ‘buts’ on the issues at hand. To my mind the thinking is the following wonderful narrative of the word ‘development’.

“Development should be understood as realising the creative potential of all individuals. Admittedly, this simple definition rests on much conceptual complexity. No one has any predetermined creative potential — it constantly expands, depending on the growth of the individual’s cognitive skills and the scale and manner of his interaction with nature and society.

…….mainstream political parties fail to empower them, but only seek to secure their silence, at best, by throwing them some crumbs, they will end up with the Maoists, who seek their empowerment in the overthrow of the present social order.

……..the key task is political mobilisation ….deprived to realise their right to life, liberty and dignity.”

In other word, the killing of spontaneous order is the prime motive of the State in any society.

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