Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Prof Yashpal and Ms. HECR!

The below lines taken from a interview by Professor Yashpal on India’s Higher Education. 

“…………….teachers are not courier agents.  

 So you don’t believe in dual degrees? 

What is a dual degree? Today, textbooks should be banned. The MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is open access, has its text books and notes on the net. So does that mean that you will get a degree from the MIT if you reproduce it? 

 So you don’t support the foreign universities Bill? 

There is no wisdom to be got from outside the country. Whatever is there, is on the net. Setting up a university is not buying office space and furnishing it. There is more to it, something that comes from the teacher-student interface. That can be imparted by imported teachers. The foreign university Bill is only about signing agreements between babus in India and abroad. It has little to do with education. Why did world-renowned radio astronomer Prof Govind Swarup start teaching here?

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