Saturday, June 30, 2012

Interesting reading

Bibek Debroy on "We stupid brutes": "I have some money in my wallet.  A thief comes along and steals some of it.  For most people, the reaction should be one of anger.  The anger should remain, even if it is somewhat muted, if the thief explains this theft has been done because that money has to be donated to the poor.  This is not as bizarre a metaphor as one might think, because that’s precisely what has happened since 2004.

Niranjan Rajadhyaksha on "Returing to the age of Ranade""The quest to build a modern India began in those decades, and the early university graduates and progressive rulers such as Sayajirao were umbilically linked to this quest. India in the last decades of the 19th century was akin to Europe in the years of the Renaissance— rediscovering its roots as well as yearning for a modern future."

Anjuli on "Hold them accountable"Why is this a big deal? After all, any corporate hospital offers the same facility. The big deal is that one, the facility at Gudiyattam is free (private hospitals, on the other hand, charge a hefty fee). Two, the facility is available across 220 government hospitals and the same unique registration number can be used at any one of these to access a patient’s medical records.

Arvind Panagariya on "A forgotten revolutionary""We are determined to address the problems of the economy in a decisive manner," Rao said in his stoic voice. "This government is committed to removing the cobwebs that come in the way of rapid industrialisation. We will work towards making India internationally competitive, taking full advantage of...opportunities offered by the evolving global economy...We also welcome foreign direct investment so as to accelerate the tempo of development, upgrade our technologies and to promote our exports. Obstacles that come in the way of allocating foreign investment on a sizable scale will be removed. A time-bound programme will be worked out to streamline our industrial policies and programmes to achieve the goal of a vibrant economy that rewards creativity, enterprise and innovativeness." 

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